“Mr. Jarrard was by far the best attorney I’ve ever had. He was attentive, kind, understanding, and reassuring throughout the entire process. I would recommend him to all my military friends and family that have experienced wrongful terminations due to their service to this great nation.” -Liz T.


“Thomas J. is the best!! He helped me get a huge life-changing settlement after my former employer violated my USERRA rights. His tenacity and passion for fighting against the wrongs I was subjected to also helped me to move on after. Without the things he taught me while I worked with him, I would not have prevailed. Thank you for your hard work on my case.” -Nerissa R.


“I’d recommend Matt Crotty for any USERRA matter. A large US company decided not to hire me when I told them I was getting deployed with the Military Reserves. Mr. Crotty agreed to take my case, brought suit against the company, and aggressively dug into what happened. In the end, we were able to resolve the case to my satisfaction.”  -Marcus K.


“Thomas is absolutely top notch. Easy to work with, polished, well-informed and highly educated. Responsive. I have known Thomas for over 10 years; in that time he has helped me navigate several items. Unqualified recommendation.” -Alex Y.


“In a wrongful termination case against my former employer, Matt Crotty took my case when no other lawyer in my town would. He not only represented my interests, but he also practiced extreme compassion for my career and the situation I was in. Matt is tenacious and a very measured lawyer.” -Michael M


“Mr. Thomas Jarrard (JD, MBA) is a valuable asset to the personnel who fight and bravely protect this country in time of crisis.  I am proud to say that if you, or anyone you know, are being denied their rights under the “Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA)” I would highly recommend you contact Mr. Jarrard.  As a current United States Naval Reservist (CAPT/6), I was referred to Mr. Jarrard through one of his clients upon my return from active duty.  I was being denied my federal return rights, and was provided immediate service.  Mr. Jarrard provided accurate and timely legal responses to my USERRA case and I was able to close the case in my favor quickly and effectively.  My recommendation on behalf of Mr. Jarrard is made with the knowledge gained through personal usage of his services, and without hesitation, believe he has the professional skills expected of a well-seasoned USERRA lawyer.  I am confident Mr. Jarrard has the ability to provide accurate assessment and understanding of USERRA related laws and regulations to your personal needs.”  – Former USERRA Client.


“Matt and Tom represented me in a USERRA suit against a large employer who was defended by a large hundred-lawyer multinational law firm. During the course of the lawsuit Matt’s and Tom’s work ethic, the quality of their work, their communication with me, their initiative, and their understanding of the Law were Outstanding. Matt and Tom were head and shoulders more knowledgeable of the USERRA statute than the opposing firm, and their work product, presentation, and professionalism were of the absolute highest quality and were never even remotely approached by the opposing firm. Even though the opposing firm was able to spend their way thru litigation with zero concern for simply doing what was fair and right, Matt and Tom remained calm and focused and were able to deliver me a good result. I’d recommend Matt and Tom without question to any individual seeking resolution with their employer, and any Service Member involved in a USERRA complaint would be well served by having Matt and Tom on their side.” – Former USERRA client


“Matt was part of a team [of Tom Jarrard and Robert Mitchell] represented me in a USERRA case involving a large company. Because Matt has experience of being on both sides of litigation he brought an interesting dynamic to the table that provided insight and help me in making decisions especially in the latter parts of the case. The team and him are very knowledgeable on veterans laws and protections and being that they are all veterans it really helped in the communication section, they all understood where I was coming from. I could not have had a better team. Very grateful for your hard work and dedication Mr. Crotty, thank you.” - Former USERRA client


“Matthew went way beyond what was expected. He gave up precious family time to make sure that I was informed and taken care of. I was never out of the loop, and he made sure that I understood his perspective and that it was also the perspective that I had. Because of his military background, he is uniquely qualified to not only represent the soldier and combat veteran, but to understand the unique stressors that combat vets face as they return home. Not only would I use Matt again, but I would go to war with him, That’s how much I trust him.” – former USERRA client” - Former USERRA client


“Thomas Jarrard has represented me in a USERRA claim over the past two years. He is attentive to details, dedicated, honest and responsive. He is expert in USERRA law and is plugged into national leaders in USERRA law. I am pleased by his representation.” - Former USERRA client


“The things I have to say about Mr. Crotty are sincere and very heart felt. If you ever have a case that falls in this category I can assure you that Mr. Crotty is the best attorney you can find. I got a settlement that I was extremely happy with in even the most difficult circumstances. Mr. Crotty worked with me for over 4 years on my case. We worked with each other while I was overseas in a battlefield environment and when I was in the Midwest for training, I could call him 24/7 if I had questions or concerns. I was sometimes a client that was hard to work with, but Mr. Crotty never gave up on me or my case. In my case I went through 3 different hearings that I lost, but Mr. Crotty never gave up on me or my case. During this time I had never been so low in my life and was very lost. On the outside it looked good, I was a military officer, I taught in schools, was a coach, a volunteer in the community, but this one incident made me feel I was the bottom trash of the earth. Mr. Crotty always had kind words for me. He was very patient and understanding. He did not judge me when other longtime friends and co-workers did. He made a commitment to me and stayed with me even though I failed on some of mine. Yet he understood my reasons, and continued to help me beyond my court case. After two battlefield tours in Iraq I have learned that after time being gone for long periods of time, people who you think are your friends leave you. But this attorney who I did not know very well, did not leave me while I was deployed, he became closer, not necessarily because of my case, but because he is a great human being. Not only did I meet an attorney, this guy saved my life. I was made to feel that I was a bad person; Mr. Crotty ensured I was not. It was always good to get that reassuring voice from someone other than your regular family and friends, because I just thought they were giving me lip service. Mr. Crotty was the best attorney I could have ever thought about having. He would not allow me to quit and fail and I owe him more than money can ever pay. Truly, Rangers Lead The Way!” -- Former USERRA client


“If you’re experiencing USERRA issues with your employer, I would highly encourage you to contact Mr. Thomas Jarrard. I worked for many years at my former employer had a solid work record, great evaluations and the respect of my co-workers. Immediately upon returning from a deployment, I discovered I was a sub- par employee, was treated with great disdain and immediately shown the door. I was in shock and demoralized. While the vast majority of employers are extremely supportive of their citizen-soldiers there is a small minority that have a memory lapse of the consequences of 9/11 and possess  little knowledge of the world beyond their service market. Meeting with Mr. Jarrard was a true breath of fresh air. I soon realized that I had rights plus I had a say in the matter. I felt empowered and ready to venture in to the legal system. Mr. Jarrard is a top notch USERRA expert and a leader in the profession. I found his knowledge base of USERRA law phenomenal and he had an uncanny insight of the legal process. In conclusion, I was very satisfied with the outcome of my court case and give all credit to Mr. Jarrard and the members of his team.” - Former USERRA client


“Thomas is an awesome attorney. I appreciated his “no BS” approach to my case. It was easier to trust his legal advice because of his depth of knowledge and expertise. He was willing to address the difficult topics, tell the tough truths, and helped me make difficult choices with his sound advice. His guidance throughout my case resulted in a favorable settlement. I would absolutely hire him again if I needed to (but I hope I don’t) and have already shared his contact info with people who have asked. I loved his passion for service to veterans and think that he is one bad ass lawyer!” - Former USERRA client


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